AirOptix Colors Rainbow 6 pack (3 Colors)

AirOptix Colours is the first colour silicone hydrogel contact lens offering comfort, breathability and beauty.
1) Comfort is due to the unique plasma surface technology of AirOptix Contact lenses for consistent comfort from Day 1 to Day 30
· Ultra smooth surface which creates a hydrophilic environment that resists lipids and deposits
2) Breathability with a 138 dk/t for white, healthy looking eyes
· 6x more oxygen than the leading colour lenses. Same material and oxygen transmissibility as AirOptix Aqua
3) Beauty due to the 3 in 1 colour technology of Freshlook colour contact lenses for a naturally beautiful eye colour
· Outer ring defines and emphasizes the iris, primary colour transforms the eye colour, and the inner ring brightens and adds depth

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